Nutrition therapy for cancer thrivers

Welcome. i'm kathleen comerford.

I'm an integrative and functional nutritionist who specializes in working with cancer survivors like you. If you're ready to eat strategically and in a way that truly makes you feel nourished, I would love to be your partner in health.

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Kathleen Comerford

"Kathleen is amazing!"

Her guidance and advice have literally been life-changing for me. I love her evidence/science-based approach, and she’s caught some significant issues for me that no other provider has. She is also totally supportive and compassionate when I am frustrated and change sucks! Truly, working with her has been awesome and has had a real, lasting impact on my health.
- Leah

"Kathleen’s patience and calm manner were such a comfort to me."

I really appreciate all the time she spent with me as we worked together to improve my diet and overall health.
- Nicole

"Kathleen listens well, understands, and is funny...key to good health and help!"

Great advice, knowledge, and caring!
- Clare

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